FAQ's: Los Angeles Bike Collisions

Venice beach bicycle personal injury attorneys are often needed in Los Angeles

Bicycle wrecks questions answered by bicycle personal injury lawyersBicycle enthusiasts will find some special parts of the vehicle code pertain to them only. The code is intended to not only protect cyclists, but also instill some particular obligations they should be aware of.

Bicycle Accident Victims has Many Unanswered Questions
There are many frequently asked question by Orange County and Los Angeles bicycle accident victims directed at Ehline Law Firm PC, in Southern California. Here are the most frequently asked questions our advocates typically deal with relating to spills and throws from bikes caused by external forces beyond the control of the rider. Many of these outside contingencies are the blame of third parties, even when a wounded rider thinks it is his or her own fault!

1. I’ve been in a Bicycle collision; can I sue?

If a negligent automobile driver or other person collided with you or a loved one when using a bike, causing injury or death, you or the loved one can file a legal action seeking redress for your damages. A lawsuit should be filed if the negligent person does not admit fault right away. The key is not waste precious time.

2. Who will pay for my injuries and losses in a bicycle accident?

  • If the collision was caused by a negligent automobile, bus, or truck driver, that person will be held responsible;  
  • If your injuries were the result of a defective bicycle or accessory, the manufacturer or seller of the bike (or both) may be responsible for your loss;
  • If the accident was the result of unsafe or dangerous road conditions, the local municipality, county, or even the State may be responsible;
  • If the incident resulted from negligent repairs of the bike or other vehicle, the repair shop who performed the work may be responsible;
  • If the collision happened because of dangerous or hazardous conditions on public property such as parks or trails such as faulty design, failure to upkeep and maintain, or insufficient marking, the agency responsible for the area may be liable to you for your damages;
  • If the accident occurred on private property due to the owner’s negligence in maintaining the property, he or she may be responsible to you for your injuries.
As you can see, if the accident happened through no or little fault of your own, there are several parties who may be liable to you for your damages or for bike injuries to children.

3. Do I have special responsibilities and rights as a bike rider?

The law in California gives bike operators all of the responsibilities and rights enjoyed by car, truck, and bus drivers. So, the controlling law is the California Vehicle Code and bicycle collisions are treated in a way that is almost the same as car accidents. If the bike is not truly being “operated” when the collision happens, some exceptions could apply. Children must wear bicycle helmets in all events.

4. Do Cyclists have special rules or laws that apply to them?

  • Some of these obligations and rules pertain to:
  • Consuming alcohol or taking drugs and riding;
  • Where and how fast cyclists may ride;
  • Regulations regarding helmets and other required equipment for the bike and rider;
  • Signaling using hands;
  • The use of hand signals;
  • Travel in specific bicycle lanes;
  • How many riders you may have on a bike;
  • Using turn lanes and other traffic lanes usually reserved just for cars, trucks, and buses.
Just about any use you can think of for a bicycle is probably covered in the Vehicle code. This is why hiring an attorney who is well versed in bicycle law and who rides themselves is important to your case.

5. Can I Be Found At Fault in my Bicycle Accident?

Just like a driver in an automobile accident, a cyclist can be held liable in a collision if he or she rides the bike in violation of the vehicle code. You can be arrested for DUI, or operating the bike under the influence of drugs or alcohol and lose your license. The point here is, riding a bike does not mean you will be free from fault. Be cautious, be careful, obey the traffic laws and you stand a better chance of being safe.

If you or someone you know has been hurt in a Orange County Bike Collision, you need to contact an experienced, aggressive, and knowledgeable bicycle accident personal injury collision attorneys like the Orange County Bicycle Collision Attorneys, without delay. We are attorneys with years of experience in handling personal injury claims like yours.

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