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Hurt on a bik? Call Ehline.

After a biking accident learn what your rights are with a consultation with bicycle attorney, Michael P. Ehline, by calling 888-400-9721. What the injured rider will hear is their rights under the California laws from a lawyer that understands how these accidents happen on the road.

Even though injury attorney Ehline practices law in California, he handles bicycle claims cases in other states with associate counsel. Each step of the case the details, bicycle laws and procedures will be explained, along with the rights you have. 

Why are Bicyclists Injured?

Bicyclists throughout the Greater Los Angeles areas seeping into Orange County area in cities like Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa and Dana Point, are at a huge disadvantage when an automobile collides with their bicycle. Often times, when a collision occurs, the rider will end up suffering from very serious injuries in these dense, high traffic areas.

 Just to list a few of the bodily injuries that can occur would include broken bones, facial lacerations, TBI or traumatic brain injury, ruptured discs, skull fractures, loss of a limb, paralysis, or even wrongful death.  Ehline Law Firm PC is a highly experienced legal advocate and lead counsel, Michael Ehline is a rider himself. We understand the situations with which riders are faced and we have recovered millions in large awards and settlements for circumstances where a person or persons who were riding were hit by traditional motor cars, trucks and buses.

Mishaps that end up causing bicyclists these types of tragic injuries can be the result of a driver driving too closely, drivers completely ignoring bicyclists when they are changing lanes or turning around, and even car doors that are opened right into the rider of an oncoming bike. One leading cause of many tragedies, is when drivers proceed to make a left-hand turn and they simply do not notice the rider because they are traveling in the driver’s blind spot, as they proceed to make the turn.  

  • Bias

Another sad but true fact, is that many riders who have been injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver of a vehicle, will often experience inherent prejudices that they have to overcome if they plan to receive the highest possible compensation for the injuries and damages that they have suffered. It is also a common practice for insurance companies to instantly assign riders of a crash a large portion of the fault, whether they are responsible for the accident or not.

Experienced Bike Riders Need Excellent Lawyers

Ehline Law Firm is comprised of top notch legal advocates. These professional fighters have years of experience behind them in representing victims who have suffered devastating debilitation, and damages caused by a bicycle crash at the Pier, for example. These unfortunate souls realize not only the immediate devastation that serious injuries can cause to victims of these strikes, and they also prepare for those that can have long-term effects, that may not be nearly as apparent as bodily harm, such as fractures or facial lacerations.

When highly acclaimed attorneys like our master of disasters are on your side, you can be sure that as much time as necessary will be spent reviewing all the aspects that surround your case, ensuring that aggressive litigation is put in place. These are factors that help to secure a financial compensation for clients that are of the highest amounts allowable by law.

Get Help Now

If one of your family members has been involved in a tragic bicycle accident, contact one of these professional bicycle accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm PC, Orange County Injury Attorney, so they can provide you with the representation in Laguna, Huntington, and Long Beach, that will result in the justice that you deserve. (view website.) We are waiting now to hear more about your potential legal action. Call now at 213-596-9642.

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