Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Months after Bicycle Accident U2’s Bono Still Unable to Play Guitar in Paris

So of course, being a Gen X er, I am a child of the 80's, when America was feared, the economy was rocking, and patriotism was en vogue. And of course, I was also an anarchist, punk rocker living in Anaheim Hills when U2 broke the album "War." Best album ever, especially considering MV3 with Richard Blade, and MTV.

Songs like Gloria and War made my life better, and clearly not just mine. As my readers all know, I ride almost daily, and was floored when I saw that Bono, a bicyclist himself, had been downed in a Los Angeles bicycle accident. Five months ago U2’s front man Bono was involved in a bike crash and has said he is still having problems with his arm broken during the crash.  The lead man of U2 broke his arm in six places, fractured his shoulder, elbow, left hand and eye socket in the November, Central Park crash.  The guitarist said even after surgery, intensive therapy he is still trying to get back to normal and is unable to play the guitar.

And all those facts were revealed as truth and not fiction, last night in Paris. Bono looked exhausted, tired, and ready to retire in my honest opinion. I felt so bad, for my life and all its injuries are so interconnected to his own malaise. Many may be unaware, but prior to the concert, the Irish U2 front man said in an interview that it feels like he has someone else’s hand attached to his wrist, and he is unable to bend his fingers comparing it to rigor mortis. Bono went on to explain he was told the nerves heal approximately a millimeter per-week and said he should know in about 13 months if he will be able to continue playing the instrument.

"Titanium Elbow" is Not a Song

He said his shoulder’s better and face, but he has titanium and numbness and the most difficult is not being able to play his guitar. Though he stated the members of U2 do not appear to mind. Bono said if he could not “finger the frets of his green Irish falcon or Red Gretsch” he would miss it because of the pleasure he gets from playing, just as he does from writing songs. The rocker said he doesn’t know any other guitarists that have a titanium elbow.

Bono said he isn’t sure of the details about the bike accident he has learned lesions from his mistakes and realizes he isn’t an “armored vehicle.” He said on his 50th birthday he was injured by over doing it with bicycling and boxing as an over compensation for consuming alcohol on his birthday. Bono said he “promised himself” that he would be more careful of his limits, but then he had his cycling accident.

Bono's Bones Were 'Sticking Out'

The Irish rocker said he can’t blame anyone except himself for the injuries and has no memory of being transported to New York Presbyterian Hospital after impact, but his humorous bone  was sticking through his leather jacket.

On the U2 website under Iris Pride the singer commented that recovery has been harder than he thought it would be. The website does have a large list of play dates for the upcoming tour.  Even without being able to play Bono is not sitting back, the 54 year old Irishman is headed on tour with the band kicking off in Canada later in December with their Beautiful Day tour.  Was terrible that Bono did not strike a single guitar, and that at times, he looked crippled.

My wife and I personally saw U2 at the Rose Bowl playing to a record crowd, and we are both praying to Christ that he will mend, and be back. But just in case he is on his last legs, we wanted to thank Bono for giving us a beautiful life. Thanks Bono for enduring the pain and exhaustion in Paris last night. And keep on riding bikes mate. Surrender to the fun.