Monday, November 5, 2012

Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Queens Rocker-Bicyclist And People Notice

I was Googling bicycle accidents the other day, and I came across a sad story from New York. Although I am not a New York auto accident lawyer, I do handle these cases in Los Angeles, California for Ehline Law Firm PC (Click here.) The drummer in a popular Brooklyn, N.Y. was killed, by a hit-and-run driver, while riding a bicycle.

The bicyclist was 24-year old Terence Connor, who was riding a bicycle on Metropolitan Avenue, in the vicinity of Steward Avenue in the East Williamsburg section. Connor, who was a drummer in a popular indie band, was struck by a hit-and-run truck at approximately 5:15 a.m. October 1, 2012. He was transported to Woodhull Hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

Famous Slacker Will Miss Him

The bicyclist mother Shelly Conner told media sources that Connor had so “many friends” and was in a popular band “Total Slacker” that just began recording their second album, with their first being “Trashin.” Lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter, said the truck that hit Connor and did not stop is in violation of New York’s state hit-and-run law. This makes it a felony for anyone who leaves the scene of a serious accident.

Reiter said that the area of Metropolitan Avenue is known as a dangerous stretch of road, with a high volume of traffic. The driver had the responsibility to operate the truck in a reasonably safe manner, based on the conditions, with traffic and lighting conditions on the roadway at the time of the collision. The driver also had the duty to comply with pertinent traffic laws. He had the responsibility to see everything on the roadway, including the bicyclist and implement caution.

This Was a Hit and Run Bicycle Accident

The truck driver hitting Connor and leaving the scene was not only illegal; it could be noteworthy about his level of perception of guilt in causing a catastrophic accident and leaving the scene. The hit-and-run is being investigated by the New York Police Department, who are searching for the driver of the truck. This could have serious consequences on any future civil matter against the trucker or his employer, assuming the driver was within the course and scope of his duties at the time of the collision.
Reiter said this will provide answers to many of the questions and he said it is only a matter of time, with all of the video cameras on street corners, until the driver is found. He said, when the driver is found the police will inspect the truck for evidence of the collision with the bicycle and take the driver’s statement. The facts about the accident remain unknown at this time, Reiter said. In California bicycle wrecks like this happen all the time. Unfortunately, it usually takes a celebrity to die to give injured riders the news coverage they deserve.