Monday, July 9, 2012

Bicyclist Needs Dozens of Stitches after Dog Pack Mauling

July 6, 2012 - According to reports a bicyclist required dozens of stitches after being attacked by a pack of dogs in Merced County. According to the Merced County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Scott Dover a bicyclist was attacked by a pack of six dogs and seriously injured on Clausen Road in the vicinity of Griffith Avenue in the town of Delhi outside of Turlock.

Sgt. Dover said the bicyclist identified as a 49 year-old man, was pulled off of his bicycle by a Labrador Retriever and five Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixed dogs. The man was seriously injured and will require dozens of stitches, Sgt. Dover said.

Sgt. Dover said the six dogs were captured, by Merced County Animal Control and were from three different households. The sheriff’s spokesman said that the owners have been identified and will be responsible for the damages their dogs caused. Sgt. Dover said it will be up to the district attorney, whether charges will be filed against the owners of the dogs.

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