Thursday, March 10, 2011

On The Streets of Los Angeles Bicyclists Start To Gain Respect

A lot more people are starting to take their bikes almost everywhere they go instead of driving. With the increase of bike riders, drivers and law enforcement plus the cyclists should be aware of and know all of the rights and laws about bikes so that a bicycle injury can be avoided.

On the streets of Los Angeles bicyclists start to gain respect and a group of members plus advocates meet up at the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition with the LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and talked about the many concerns that they had about bicyclers not getting enough respect on the streets on the streets of Los Angeles. When they got together one of the members talked about their friend and said that a friend got hit on their bike doing his daily bike route and the person that hit him did not get charged with any kind of crime. That left the cyclist alone and the cyclist had to take care of the injuries by himself without getting additional help.

Chief Beck showed concern after this happened and called the cyclists one of the most vulnerable commuters in Los Angeles. He is now starting to take a lot of action in regards to the safety of ones that ride bikes and so on the streets of Los Angeles bicyclists start to gain respect as these new laws of safety start to unfold. Cyclists should know what rights they have and get to know the laws within the city. The laws can change from city to city. In the city of Los Angeles the bicyclists now have the same rights plus the same responsibilities that the drivers of vehicles currently have.

Some of the laws include that people under the age of 18 and riding a bike should always wear a snell approved helmet or an ANSI. Cyclists cannot wear a headset and they cannot have on earplugs that cover both of the ears. All the ones that ride bikes must have at least one brake that is working plus have a headlight that is white and attached to the front of either the rider or the biker. The side needs to have a white or yellow reflector that is visible and the rear must have a reflector that is white or red and visible to everyone.

With all of the education that is coming out in regards to cyclists, motorists and the law enforcement a lot of people are hoping that this is going to make the streets of Los Angeles safe for the ones that ride bikes. Finally, Los Angeles is thinking about a bicycle plan".

Michael Ehline is a bicycle lawyer and an attorney who rides his mountain bike throughout Los Angeles County and OC. If you want to discus you bicycle mishap and why you think the city is responsible for your injuries, contact him at 201 Wilshire Blvd., Second Fl. Santa Monica, CA 90401. 310.376.8488.