Monday, January 10, 2011

Common Forms of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are quite common in all parts of United States and the statistics is no different in case of Monterey Park, California. It is said that if people driving motor vehicles are educated enough, bicycle accidents can be easily avoided. Generally, the cyclists are extremely careful while riding, but in spite of that they encounter accidents, due to the fault of motorists.

The drivers of motor vehicles are often blindsided, belligerent and reckless while driving and end up hitting the bicycles. These accidents also happen due to the swinging doors of cars. Bad road condition is another major factor leading to bicycle accidents. Bicycles often crash due to the potholes and debris present on the road.

Most common forms of bicycle accidents in Monterey Park:

  • A bicycle accident may happen when a car hits the bicycle while pulling out of a parking lot, driveway or side street on the right.
  • An accident may occur when a motorist or a passenger of the motor vehicle opens the car door to hit a running bicycle.
  • Sometimes a bicyclist riding on the sidewalk can get hit by a car while crossing the street through a cross walk. It happens when a car is making a right turn and hits the approaching bicycle.
  • Some accidents occur due to a bad pass. Suppose a bicyclist has stopped as there’s a red light with a few cars in front. Sometimes in such cases, when the green light comes, the rider passes to the right and suddenly gets hit by a car.
  • Accident may also occur when a car passes the bicycle and then tries to take a right turn obstructing the path of the bicycle.
  • Often accidents happen when a bicycle tries to pass a slow moving car and the car takes a right turn to hit it unexpectedly.
  • A car can run into a bicycle suddenly from behind causing a rear end collision.

The discussion above will educate you about the common forms of bicycle accidents in Monterey Park. If you become a victim of any such accident, you should look at the bicycle accident attorney website here. Make sure that the practitioner who is looking after your accident lawsuit has experience of dealing with similar cases. A skilled and experienced expert will help you to obtain the monetary compensation you deserve.

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