Friday, March 12, 2010

The Effort To Prevent Los Angeles Bicycle Accidents by Officials

The Los Angeles Police Department announced recently they will be making a better effort to protect bicyclists and their rights in an attempt to stop Los Angeles bicycle accidents.

There are many people and officials in the area that believe police officers could do more about the aggressive drivers that are negligent in respecting the safety rights that bicyclists have on the roads. In an announcement by the Los Angeles police chief the department will be doing more to assist cyclists that have sustained injuries after being struck by a vehicle in a Los Angeles bicycle accident.

In many cases bicycle accidents occur due to driver’s that are impatient or distracted, as well as driver road rage. The future of cyclists looks brighter with the willingness of the LAPD to protect riders. Cyclists that have been involved in a bicycle accident might benefit from the announcement that the Los Angeles Police Department will be making greater efforts on behalf of bicyclist.

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