Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bicyclist Pinned Under Bumper of Big Rig After Being Struck

October 8, 2009 (by Horatio Algren) According to reports a bicyclist was pinned under the bumper of a big rig after being struck in the early morning hours. Anaheim traffic investigator Rick Alexander stated that the accident occurred at approximately 5:43 a.m. in the vicinity of Kraemer and the eastbound off-ramp of the 91 Freeway. The bicyclist was traveling southbound along the west curb at the time of the accident.

The accident closed the off ramp of the freeway, along with Kraemer that was closed from La Palma Avenue to Frontera Street, while the scene of the accident was investigated, according to Alexander. According to the investigator what was found is that the semi- truck was stopped at the off ramp and as it began to accelerate and make a right hand turn the rider of the bicycle peddled in front of the big rig.
The rider did not have head lights and according to a witness after the bicyclist was knocked to the ground they yelled to the driver of the truck to stop, which he did.

The rider of the bicycle was pinned underneath the bumper of the big rig and was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. According to at least one bicycle injury lawyer, Alexander the rider was transported to UCI Medical Center in Orange.

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