Friday, January 16, 2009

The Hidden Dangers Of Riding The Roads

Today many people are opting to ride a bicycle for several reasons, it might be because they are trying to find a way to exercise during their busy day or in some cases to save on the price of gasoline while it fluctuates from an affordable price per gallon to the high prices people are becoming familiar with at the pump.

What many people do not know is the hidden dangers of riding the roads in Huntington Beach or any other city. Each year there are hundreds of bicyclists injured on the roads, these injuries can include brain injuries. Even while wearing a helmet, which gives the head as much protection as possible a rider being struck by a vehicle can be seriously injured or killed.

In many cases the hidden dangers of riding the roads is that many motorists do not give the same courtesy to a bicyclist as they would another vehicle, this can become a dangerous position for the bicyclist to be in on the road. The bicyclist can be abiding every bicycle law and still be injured by a vehicle and the fact that it is thousands of pounds of metal and motor against a human with a helmet equals deadly consequences for the bicyclist.

Statistics show that each year there are hundreds of wrongful deaths and brain injuries for bicyclists on the roads, because even riding defensively does not avoid every danger on the road. There are vehicles, uneven pavement, road debris and other factors that can be a cause of a serious bicycle accident.

In Huntington Beach riding a bicycle might have some advantages like not becoming entangled in traffic as a person would in a vehicle to run a short errand, or even for exercise. The hidden danger of riding on the roads is there every time a bicyclist leaves their home to be involved in a bicycle accident where the consequences could be deadly or change the riders life forever if they sustain brain injuries.

When an accident of this nature occurs there will be medical bills and loss of work, along with other expenses. This is why an injured bicyclist needs the assistance of an experienced bicycle personal injury attorney, as well as a medical specialist.

With gas prices going back up, it is foreseeable that more of these catastrophic accidents will happen. If you are a motorist, please pay extra attention to riders.

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