Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Injured boy, 7, Hopes for a New Bike After Long Beach Bike Accident

LONG BEACH – 12/11/2007 - A child involved in a bicycle collision with an automobile is a parent’s worst nightmare.
No one wants to hear the sound. It was out of a parent's worst nightmare. The screeching tires, the sound of bone and metal colliding. Screaming; shouting; chaos.
Jesus was coming home from buying ice cream with his father. From her upstairs window, his mother, Maria, heard her son being hit by the car.

The nightmarish sight of his 7-year-old son being dragged beneath the wheel of a car invaded his father’s field of vision. When Maria got to the scene, she saw neighbors trying to lift the automobile off her son. With multiple fractures from below his knee and through his left foot, Jesus spent five days in the hospital. His left leg also lost much of the skin, still needs treatment , and has required grafting of skin from other areas of the body.

More than a year later, Jesus is still receiving treatment; he still can’t resume the normal activities of boys his age and is restricted in enjoying play time with neighborhood friends. He occasionally needs pain medication and is awaiting future medical procedures. Jesus still wakes up terrified by nightmares.

Jesus wants a bike for Christmas because walking remains painful. The family can’t afford one.
His father makes a little more than $400 a week. There is little left over after rent and the expenses for a family of four, including a 2-year-old daughter. If you’ve been involved in a collision or accident involving a bicycle and a car in Long Beach, Seal Beach, or Los Alamitos, you need to call serious injury lawyers. They can help you recover medical expenses as well as compensation for your pain and suffering, loss of work, and mental anguish.