Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Santa Monica and Venice Beach Bicyclist Critical Mass News

Critical Mass the rolling celebration of bicycle culture in Santa Monica and Venice Beach that happens every first Friday of the month has at least 200 bicyclists in Santa Monica involved in the Critical Mass rides.

Many are complaining about the crackdown on bicyclists in Santa Monica. The Santa Monica Police, who regularly leave bums and scumbags who loiter and terrify residents alone, have targeted the peace loving bicyclists in an apparent effort to raise money for the City. Maybe the Santa Monica Police should focus on preventing Santa Monica bicycle accidents instead.

The former Mayor, mayor, Feinstein, thinks the city needs to spend some money on police services for the bicyclists, like how they do San Francisco. “This should be twice as big in sustainable Santa Monica — ‘bike-friendly’ Santa Monica,” the current Green Party leader says.

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