Friday, November 30, 2007

What Everyone Needs to Know About Los Angeles Bicycle Crash Incidents

Many ask a common question and it is what everyone needs to know about Los Angeles bicycle crash incidents. Los Angeles County has busy roadways always full of many kinds of motor vehicles, like buses, passenger cars and people like pedestrians and even people on bicycles such as bicycle riders who are likewise bikers.

Under California law, traffic regulations require motorists not ignore bicyclists when cycling on the state roadways and city streets. They have the same rights, duties and obligations as cars or other vehicle drivers and car operators when they are navigating California roadways.

It is highly recognized that cars as well as other types of motor vehicle drivers ignore the cyclist who has no safety cage protection. This fact among other issues in a major cause of the bicycle wrecks and other types of bike rider mishaps. These include catastrophic bicyclist accidents that occur often in LA.

The Following has just a few examples of how motorists cause serious bicycle crashes and wrongful death to a biker:

  • Motor vehicle operators failing to pay attention when riding in passenger cars in the road next to bicycles simply ignoring them. They seem to only be concerned about other motor vehicles on LA roads especially.
  • Performing multiple tasks like playing with cell phones, talking on phones, drinking a coffee, etc. All things other than driving and being attentive to the road which makes drivers completely oblivious of the bike riders on their bicycles.
  • More often than not, vehicle motorists like to make illegal turns cutting off bikes from the front.
  • Vehicle operators may fail to use their rear view mirrors before opening their car doors, which can cause a cyclist to hit the door if the bicyclist riding in a bike lane where the car is parked.
  • Cars often back out of driveways, side streets, alley ways and can kill a biker because they were unaware and not paying attention to the rear or simply failed to make proper signals to properly warn bikers.

If you were seriously hurt a bicycle crash due to these types of facts, it was negligence, which is caused by the ignorance or inattentiveness of the motorist who should used due care, had proper awareness, and more attentiveness. In fact, you are withing your rights to seek indemnification via money damages by way of a lawsuit in a California Superior Court house due to the defendant’s liability for your damages and injuries.

You will need time to investigate assets and insurance of the personal who hurt you and an attorney to help resolve legal issues and implications of Los Angeles bike accidents especially. This is because bicycle crashes are so common and create injuries more serious than most vehicle accidents.

It can be expensive because many bicycle crash accidents need expert accident scene reconstructionists, bio mechanical specialists, life care planners and forensic analysis as well as orthopedic specialists for your broken bone injuries. Retaining the excellent bicycle accident lawyer is the best method of ensuring that all of your rights regarding these legal maneuvers can be dealt with properly.

A great legal representative needs to have objective separation so he is not as emotional as a bike rider who was suffering emotionally from his or er serious accident. Your legal counsel needs to be able to help you deal with your traumatic, and fearful experience from the horror of being run over on the pavement in the street. It is vital your lawyer has knowledge, skill and vast legal experience to litigate the roadway collision case. You need an attorney with passion and excitement to assure recovery of all damages due to the injuries suffered by the accident victim.

What everyone needs to know about crash incidents is that by retaining a lawyer with those qualities, coupled with excellent professionalism, a lawyer can guarantee you a winning plan on your legal road to recovery by settlement or verdict. Consult with a lawyer to learn the legal ramifications of your bicycle accident case now!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Truth About Los Angeles Bicycle Accidents

The truth about Los Angeles Bicycle accidents is a scary thing. The car turns into your path as you ride your bicycle down to the Marina del Rey pier and a car turns left in front of you without looking. The driver was talking on her cell and putting on make up. Cyclists call it getting "T-boned."

In Los Angeles County alone, at least 34 cyclists die every year in car crash collisions. At least 2,900 cyclists are injured in LA every year. Many car drivers don't know or simply do not even care that bicyclists have the same rights and are governed by the same regulations as motor vehicles.

Wearing a bicycle helmet is the first step for cyclists to avoid serious injury or death, according Arline Dillman, who is a Traffic Safety Manager at the Automobile Club of Southern California. Statistics from the California Highway Patrol, prove that only two of the 28 cyclists killed in LA in 1999 wore their helmet. Bicycles are used on the road for many purposes.

A study by of bicycle accidents in LA suggests that children from 5 to 14 years old have the highest bike crash incidents. This is despite the fact there is a legal requirement in California for bicyclists under the of 18 to wear bicycle helmets.

Safe Bicycling Information:

* Wear a helmet approved for bicyclists by the state.

* Ride with the flow of traffic.

* Obey signs and traffic signals.

* Use hand signals.

* Stay in the bike lane if safe to do so.

* Don't weave in and out of traffic and keep an eye out for swinging doors of cars that could cause you to flip.

* If no bike lane provided, ride to the right side of motor vehicles.

* Do not share narrow lanes - ride in the center. This is called "taking the lane" and it is in fact legal.

Bicycle Statistics:

* The first car crash in the United States involved was an 1896 motor vehicle v. bicycle.

* The fatality rate for bicyclists from 5 and 15 years old is almost double that of adult cyclists. For every youngster killed on a bike, at least 100 were seriously injured.

* Alcohol involvement, either driver or cyclist, is often a factor in at least 1/3rd of bicyclists fatalities.

* 112 cyclists were killed in California back in 1999.

* At least 64 percent of all bikers wrongfully killed by cars in California were riding bikes while riding in their neighborhoods.

* From 1986 and 1995 cars in Los Angeles County killed at least 340 bicyclists, and out of that, 29,920 were injured in motor vehicle accidents involving a bicycle.

Santa Monica and Venice Beach Bicyclist Critical Mass News

Critical Mass the rolling celebration of bicycle culture in Santa Monica and Venice Beach that happens every first Friday of the month has at least 200 bicyclists in Santa Monica involved in the Critical Mass rides.

Many are complaining about the crackdown on bicyclists in Santa Monica. The Santa Monica Police, who regularly leave bums and scumbags who loiter and terrify residents alone, have targeted the peace loving bicyclists in an apparent effort to raise money for the City. Maybe the Santa Monica Police should focus on preventing Santa Monica bicycle accidents instead.

The former Mayor, mayor, Feinstein, thinks the city needs to spend some money on police services for the bicyclists, like how they do San Francisco. “This should be twice as big in sustainable Santa Monica — ‘bike-friendly’ Santa Monica,” the current Green Party leader says.

If you or someone you know was injured in abicycle accident, you should contact Ehline Law at 888-400-9721. Speak with experienced attorneys about your case.