Thursday, August 18, 2005

Common Reasons For Bicycle Accidents

There are some common reasons for bicycle accidents and there are also some common injuries that occur when a cyclist is involved in an accident. These causes of both the accident and injuries are something that the bicycle rider does not plan to happen and even if they ride obeying all the rules of the road an afternoon ride on the roads of Riverside. The accident that occurs while riding often is does not have anything to do with the rider making any errors, but is the fault of other causes out of the person's control.

There are some common reasons for bicycle accidents throughout the state of California such as:

  • Aggressive drivers
  • Drivers not yielding
  • Vehicle doors opening
  • Roadway defects
  • Defective helmets
  • Defective chains
  • Defective breaks
The causes of these sad happenstances in some cases can be avoided and in others, there is no possible way to avoid them. Like the faulty chain, this might be noticed if the bicycle is checked each time prior to going out on the road riding, but this does not mean if it is defective that it will always be seen.

These are all things that can cause an accident and the rider can be seriously injured, even if they are not traveling at a higher rate of speed. The injuries can cause the rider to need medical care, and can include painful or devastating injuries.

There are attorneys who specialize in bicycle accidents, and this is because it takes understanding how easily a serious an accident can be even at slower speeds. They also know the legal rights of the person that is injured while riding on the roads of the city, or anywhere in California. This is an important parts of an accident is to have the protection a bicycle accident attorney can provide, to ensure that compensation is awarded. The compensation can make recovery from bicycle injuries a difference between worry, fear and lack of proper medical care, to being worry free to heal.

The cyclist that is a victim of an accident from a bicycle at the hands of an aggressive driver or a defect should have the assistance of an experienced attorney. A lawyer that has a proven track record of protecting the rights of cyclists, along with obtaining the maximum amount of compensation, even if it is an accident due to highway defects that are the responsibility of specific agencies.

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